Kick-off of Crowdsourcing Campaign in Austria

Feb 1, 2023

The Austrian Crowdsourcing Workshop took place on January 24, 2023, after the first date in December was not possible for most of the interested stakeholders. The meeting was organized via MS Teams and was attended by 8 stsakeholders. Other interested stakeholders (who couldn’t join the meeting) were informed by mail or phone afterwards. The invitation was sent out by mail, mentioned in the project partners newsletters and websites as well posted on Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter).

During the meeting the project partners presented the Alps4GreenC project itself, introduced the stakeholders to the advantages and possibilities regarding biochar and the procedure of the crowdfunding. Interested stakeholders were also offered the possibility to gain further information by phone and asked to fill in the online form to supply residues.

The range of stakeholders was were broad – from small agricultural companies to the Austrian federal forests and industry. Specific attention was paid to the characteristics of biomass residues and the economic viability of biochar as biomass valorization.

Online Form: LINK (select language top right – EN, DE, SLO)