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Jan 11, 2024

Polo Poschiavo (PoP) is an Alpine competence center for vocational education and the creation and coordination of sustainable cross-border territorial development projects. As AlpTextyles’ Lead Partner, PoP coordinates and manages the project while contributing to the various activities of every phase.

Since its foundation in 2002, the center has focused its work on enabling young people who live in a linguistic and cultural minority status to access professional and cultural trainings, develop and manage lifelong learning and retraining, and develop, promote, or participate in sustainable experimentation projects that respect the criteria of human ecology.

Over the years, Polo Poschiavo has organized 645 training proposals with a total of 7,443 enrolled in Valposchiavo and Bregaglia; has been lead and partner in 16 Italy-Switzerland Interreg projects and lead partner in an Interreg Alpine Space project (AlpFoodway); is currently a lead partner in the ARPAF (Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund) Made In The Alps project; and contributes to the Arge Alp project of the Lombardy Region on the enhancement of Alpine Food Heritage.

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