Some fresh pictures from #FRACTAL summer camp in Italy.

Jul 25, 2023

Special days focused on the theme of GIs, their meaning and their contribution to Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity preservation in Alpine areas.

📌Round tables of young citizens to discuss why GIs are crucial for alpine ecosystems.

📌Creating “seeds bombs,” to deepen the role of GIs in supporting the diversity of pollinating insects.

📌Simulating green corridors to support the biodiversity of autochthonous species to be more resilient.

Fun, engagement and embodiment pedagogical approach to educate future citizens and to bring ecology and GIs in practice, girls and boys building up their knowledge to shape together the future of the alpine areas.

Thank you to Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta Geopark and MMape for the collaboration!

Stay tuned for the coming #FRACTAL events!


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