Swiss Building Forum 2023: “Building under changing circumstances”

Jan 23, 2024

Swiss Building Forum 2023:  “Building under changing circumstances”

This was the central theme of the 6th Swiss Construction Forum, which took place on Wednesday, 15 November 2023, at the Suurstoffi in Rotkreuz. Over 100 construction and property experts discussed the most pressing challenges in the construction sector in the face of climate change.

The signs for construction are changing due to climate change, and sustainability is of crucial importance in all aspects. New focal points for planners, property experts and architects are required, such as compact construction with sustainable materials, the avoidance of fossil fuels, the greening of roofs, façades and areas to reduce heat and the retention of rainwater, to name but a few. “We need to reorient our way of thinking!” emphasised architect Katrin Pfäffli from preisig:pfäffli.


As part of Cool*Alps, Betonsuisse took part in the poster exhibition, among other things, to raise awareness of the topic of TAB Thermal Activated Buildings.


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