The various opportunities of biochar

Sep 25, 2023

Biochar offers numerous possibilities for CO2 reduction 
For example, it can replace fossil coal in the steel industry used to enrich steel with carbon, can be used as activated carbon to improve soil in agriculture, or can be added to feed for cows, which should reduce methane emissions from the pan. Carbon also plays a role in the development of battery and charging infrastructure for electric cars. 
BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH has now created the infrastructure necessary to produce #coal#oil and #gas from biobased residues by means of pyrolysis in Wieselburg with the “Green Carbon Lab”. In the course of the Interreg Alpine Space project #Alps4GreenC, BEST produces biochar from residues such as wood chips, walnut shells or residues from the composting screen.

The state-run news channel ORF .at reports on the many possibilities of biochar (in German):

Picture: Straw, wood chips, nut shells and other residues are valuable resources for biochar production  (c) BEST research