TranStat’s Living Labs, how does it work?

May 9, 2024

Partecipartory processes are at the core of TranStat’s Living Labs. At the same time, researchers are developing a diagnostic framework focusing on human environment interactions in order to support local stakeholders in their future scenario building & biodiversity, practices & representations of locals & tourists. This framework is implemented in each Living Lab, discussed through partecipatory seminars and workshop and combined with social perceptions of change factors. The aim is to arrive at a shared understanding of the local situation. The first part of the video (at the link above) shows an example of the job done by the project’s partners in the Italian Living Labs in Maniva, organized by Regione Lombardia and UniMont; in the second part the focus is on the work done during the second Transnational Living Lab Workshop in Chiesa Valmalenco (Italy), where the participants refinedthe frameworks for the building scenario excercise that will be developed in the every following Living Labs.