CoNSENSo newsflash
December 2016

Welcome to the first CoNSENSo project newsletter where we will give you some further insight into the project activities, information about recent and future events and show how the project is running in the different regions.

Project achievements

Project Kick-off conference in Turin, Italy


The Co.N.S.E.N.So Project (Community Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing Society) was officially launched in grand style on 15th April 2016 in Turin. The event, organised and hosted by the Piedmont Region - Directorate of Health - in collaboration with the LUISS Business School, was held at the Congress Centre of the Piedmont Region, and attended by over 160 participants.


It was opened with greetings from all the public authorities from the countries involved in the project. This was followed by a presentation from Dr. Giuseppe Salamina, the project technical coordinator, who set out the project planning and method of development, highlighting in particular the sustainability of the proposed idea. The presentation was supported by the interventions of Dr. Ernesto Palummeri and Dr. Ginetto Menarello, who drew attention to the importance of proactive interventions for vulnerable people, as well as the nurse's role in the family and community. The day ended with a panel discussion with partners and project stakeholders, in which they discussed the vision of the project and how it can be implemented on the field, highlighting the benefits, limitations and future prospects of the initiative.


All the presentations from this event can be downloaded from the Piemont Region website

Transnational training of the CoNSENSo nurses in Isola, Slovenia.


CoNSENSo nurses, accompanied by project partners, from Italy, Slovenia, Austria and France had a very successful week of training from 27th June to 1st July 2016 in Izola, Slovenia.

This Five-day transnational training programme coordinated and held at the Univeristy of Primorska Faculty of Health Sciences (UP FVZ) in Izola, Slovenia was organised as a preliminary training for all the nurses who will work on implementing the CoNSENSo model in the different partner territories.  Through bringing together the nurses and lecturers from Austria, Italy and Slovenia, the project partners’ aim was to share information on health policy and culture-specific characteristics in the field of community and family nursing between the regions.

The very intense programme included information about the project and the objective of the pilot trials, detailed workshops on how to carry-out home visits, the ergonomics of elderly living environment, the concept of frailty, how the pilots will be evaluated and specific training on the CoNSENSo e-learning platform and app that will be used to collect the data.

Along with this basic training the nurses will be able to continue training, in particular through the e-learning platform, throughout the project and specific national training will also be given to help them carryout the pilots.


Have you seen the project communication tools?


Coordinated by the French partner ADEC, the partners have finalised the project visual identity with a logo and cheerful design illustrating how “Home is a better place to grow old”. Posters, roll-ups, and a flyer presenting the project have been prepared in English and the four partner languages. A website is available in English and you can keep up-to-date with general news about the project and active and healthy ageing through the projects’ social media accounts:


Next steps, a short video and a more detailed brochure presenting the project.

What CoNSENSo means to me …

In the different issues of the CoNSENSo project newsflash, we will share grassroots interviews from the regional territories showing the impact and expectations of the project on the ground. In this issue, we will start with the perspectives of two mayors from Italy and France participating through the project pilots.

Interview with Roberto Colombero the Mayor of Canosio, Valle Maira,Italy

What are your expectations, in your institutional role, towards the CoNSENSo project?

The main expectation is to demonstrate that another welfare model in our rural areas is possible. Today, the way of thinking for welfare care, is that the citizen of mountain areas should go down to the city: this has to be changed. The services must go back to the mountain areas.


On which critical issues and problems can the project have an impact, and eventually solve?

The project, being substantially directed to take care of the elderly population, must achieve the goal of delaying, as much as possible, where possible, the departure of older people from their homes and their towns.
This can be achieved by paying attention to lifestyle and these should be monitored by competent, professional and objective operators...
I believe that the family and community nurses, in addition to their position alongside general practitioners and other health professionals, can play a key role in building a more socially active and conscious community. Today more than ever, we  need to build this community on our territories.

Interview with Mr. Alain Benedetto - Maire de Grimaud - Président de la Commission Europe du Département du Var

How did you learn about the CoNSENSo project?

As the President of the European affairs committee, I heard about CoNSENSo at very early stage. At the very first presentation of the draft project, I was seduced by the idea. CoNSENSo is a very practical European project. It is a project that handles the problem of ageing in a very humanist way, dealing with social and health needs. I am sure that ICT will be very useful in the future both in the way of improving our life and related to ageing. Nevertheless, we must not neglect human aspects and the need for relationships in everyday life and in public services.


What are your expectations?

My expectation are very high and in different areas. First of all, I hope that the most isolated people will find some help with CoNSENSo. As an elected person, we do our maximum to include everyone in our policies and in the life of the city. However, because of personal, health or social reasons, some of our citizens are still isolated. For those, who are in a better condition, I hope that CoNSENSo will maintained them as long as possible in their homes. Ageing is inevitable, but we can choose to age in good conditions. At the beginning of the retirement process, we want to enjoy life and our new free time. We don’t want to think about the future, expecting that the bad conditions will never apply to us. It is not a good way to think, it is in preventing such problems that we are going to avoid them, not in being blind. I hope CoNSENSo will help everyone to act in this way.


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CoNSENSo in the regions

Region Carinthia, Austria

On the 19th of September 2016, a local kick-off event in the Nockregion of Carinthia was held with the Vice Governor of Carinthia Ms Beate Prettner and the representatives of the municipalities of Ebene Reichenau, Bad Kleinkirchheim and Malta.


On the 20th of September 2016, a similar event took place in the Southern Carinthia. The Vice Governor of Carinthia, Ms Beate Prettner, and the representatives of the municipalities of St.Paul im Lavanttal, St.Georgen im Lavanttal, Lavamünd, Bad Eisenkappel and Sittersdorf proudly presented that their communities were chosen, to challenge future needs on a modern health care system.

Both events were published in local and regional media and the project earned lots of positive response. With best wishes of our regional and municipal politicians we are going to proceed now in the field. Further local events are planned.


Region Piedmont, Italy

Within the Piedmont region, the CoNSENSo project was presented and discussed in the following conferences and seminars during 2016:

  • On April 28th, the conference “The answer to the health needs of citizens” was held in Turin, aiming to outline Family &Community Nurses (F&CN) role as strategic resource to ensure the appropriate taking charge of the citizens in the primary care area. Giuseppe Salamina presented in details what is related to the experimental phase.
  • On September 19th, the 1st level Master degree in F&CN has been inaugurated in the presence of representatives from Turin University, the Local Health Unit, the municipalities involved in CoNSENSo experimentation, and Piedmont and Liguria Regions. The Master will be coordinated by Ginetto Menarello and Pasquale Giuliano. This edition has been organised especially on the demand of the CoNSENSo project.

19th September 2016, inauguration of the 1st level Master degree in Family & Community Nursing