Enhancing capacities for a pluralistic Alpine Space

About the project

The Alpine area is experiencing the combined challenges of an ageing population and new migration models. At the same time, opportunities for social innovation and development arise from increasing cultural diversity and pluralism. Mountainous and peripheral Alpine municipalities and regions are specifically concerned and need technical support and new approaches to develop a welcoming culture, which should be credibly embraced and implemented by municipalities, SMEs and civil society.

PlurAlps aims to develop and promote such a welcoming culture and to increase the territorial attractiveness and social cohesion of Alpine areas through innovative services and practices for the integration of migrants. The project will enable municipalities to engage better in social planning considering aspects of cultural diversity and quality of life of all citizens.

Furthermore, the capabilities of municipalities, SMEs, and social organisations for cross-sectorial cooperation to provide welcome services will be strengthened. And finally knowledge and awareness regarding the integration of migrants in mountainous and peripheral Alpine areas will be improved. PlurAlps will deliver a transnationally applicable analysis instrument for medium to long-term community social planning and the integration of migrants in municipalities. The instrument will build on the analysis of communities and capitalize on the experience of previous projects. Pilot projects on social integration, economic innovation, and the management of Alpine landscapes by migrants will be implemented in municipalities and regions.

The pilot projects will demonstrate good practices and show current challenges and limitations. A white paper focusing on regulatory and harmonisation issues will be developed by the participating regions. The transnational cooperation is essential to exchange knowledge and to mobilise the potential for social innovation across the participating regions.