• YOUrALPS Infodays: call to action for political stakeholders

    The YOUrALPS challenge continues. After the start of the pilot activities in September 2017 and further scientific investigation on framework conditions for the development of the Alpine School model, the next step implies the involvement of political stakeholders in the context of the so-called infodays.

  • YOUrALPS Selected for the EU year of cultural Heritage!

    YOUrALPS has been selected for the European year of cultural heritage (EYCH).The project contributes to the protection and valorisation of the European cultural heritage under educational aspects and actions bringing with it the benefits of transnational cooperation.

  • YOUrALPS Summer School – the starting shot for the development of the Alpine School Model

    The YOUrALPS summer school carried the flag of empowering teachers and educators in order to start the test phase of pilot actions in the winter semester 2017/18. New pedagogical approaches, practical excursions and participatory activities provided inspiration and concrete instruments with regard to a first structure of an innovative school model – the Alpine School.

  • Project Steering Group Meeting, 12-13 June 2017, Ljubljana

    The Project Steering Group Meeting took place in Ljubljana on 12th-13th June.

  • Task force “Alpine School Model” meeting, 10-11 May, Innsbruck

    On 10th-11th May the meeting of the Task force “Alpine School Model” took place at the Geography department of the Univeristy of Innsbruck. The aim of the meeting was to define a first scheme of the Alpine School Model.