18 new classic projects approved!

Jun 6, 2024

On 05 and 06 June, the Alpine Space Programme Committee met in Bled, Slovenia and discussed intensively about the 32 applications that were invited to the second step of the second call for classic projects in the period 2021-2027.

We are happy to announce that the Programme Committee approved for ERDF co-funding the following 18 projects:

  • A-DROP | Alpine DROught Prediction
  • ALPHA | Advancing 5th-Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks in Alpine Space
  • AlpsLife | Protect Alpine Life by monitoring and managing Alpine biodiversity for the future. “Observing globally, acting locally”
  • APOLLO | TerritoriAl corPOrate weLfare through digitaLization and cOoperation
  • ASTER | Alpine Solutions for the Transition of the textile and plastic Equipment industry and the harmonization of interregional 5R strategies
  • BAUALPS | Building circular in the alpine space
  • DEGREE4ALPS | DigitalisEd and GREEnmobility for ALPine Space communities
  • DiMark | Transnational Network for Linking Digital Earth Observation to Freshwater Markers for Better Understanding of Water-connected Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Prevention in Alpine Region
  • DIVERSE | Integration of bioDIVERSity conservation within bioEnergy production for a low-carbon energy mix in the Alpine region
  • HACK-IT-NET | Enabling an Alpine region Health And Care Knowledge and Innovation Transfer NETwork
  • LiveAlpsNature | Biodiversity protection through new and One-health-orientated tourism approaches in Alpine Protected Areas (APA) based on eco responsible visitor management and innovative communication
  • MARGIN | Managing Groundwater Sustainability in Urban Areas: Quantifying the vulnerability of groundwater quality & quantity to climate change and urbanisation, and developing adaptation measures for cities
  • RECENTRE | Support the green transformation of the Alpine manufacturing sector and the uptake of advanced technologies for the well-being of workers
  • RESPOnD | Climate resilient alpine wine orchards
  • SOIL:OurInvisibleAlly | Facilitating implementation of EU soil legislation in Alpine municipalities, thus seizing transnational knowledge, mutual learning & concrete, cross-sectoral implementation on local level
  • TIGER | FosTering ehealth and social Innovations as Game-changers in sEnior and Remote care
  • WATERWISE | Co-designing sustainable management solutions for resilient Alpine headwaters
  • Woolshed | A New Era for Alpine Wool

The Interreg Alpine Space programme thanks all applicants for the efforts in developing their project proposal! Lead applicants will soon receive an official communication and an assessment report. Successful applicants will furthermore be invited to the Get started! Seminar, taking place on 24-25 June 2024 in Salzburg, Austria.

We are excited about the new projects approved and are looking forward to accompany them in the upcoming years!