Second call for classic projects: 32 project proposals selected for step 2

Jan 24, 2024

On 23-24 January 2024, the Interreg Alpine Space programme committee selected 32 project proposals to be invited for the step 2 of the application process of the second call for classic projects (period 2021-2027).

The Programme thanks all applicants for their efforts in developing their project proposal. All lead partners will soon receive by e-mail an official communication and an assessment report. Furthermore, successful applicants for step 2 (listed below) will receive an invitation for the Lead applicants seminar, taking place in Salzburg on 6 and 7 February 2024.

  • A-DROP | Alpine DROught Prediction
  • ALP INTEGRATOR | Promote data-driven innovation in the agriculture- and forest- based sectors in the Alpine regions
  • AlpBioCarbon | Sustainable Green Carbon Production for Circular Bioeconomy in the Alpine region
  • ALPGEA | ALpine Permanent Grassland guardians: an alliance to foster rEsilient grasslAnd-based systems
  • ALPHA | Advancing 5th-Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks in Alpine Space
  • AlpsLife | Protect Alpine Life by monitoring and managing Alpine biodiversity for the future. “Observing globally, acting locally”
  • APOLLO | TerritoriAl corPOrate weLfare through digitaLization and cOoperation
  • ASTER | Alpine Solutions for the Transition of the textile and plastic Equipment industry and the harmonization of interregional 5R strategies
  • BAUALPS | Building circular in the alpine space
  • DEGREE4ALPS | DigitalisEd and GREEnmobility for ALPine Space communities
  • DiMark | Transnational Network for Linking Digital Earth Observation to Freshwater Markers for Better Understanding of Water-connected Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Prevention in Alpine Region
  • DIVERSE | Integration of bioDIVERSity conservation within bioEnergy production for a low-carbon energy mix in the Alpine region
  • GRANDE | Glacial and paraglacial Risk Assessment aND managEment
  • HACK-IT-NET | Enabling an Alpine region Health And Care Knowledge and Innovation Transfer NETwork
  • LiveAlpsNature | Biodiversity protection through new and One-health-orientated tourism approaches in Alpine Protected Areas (APA) based on eco responsible visitor management and innovative communication
  • MARGIN | Managing Groundwater Sustainability in Urban Areas: Quantifying the vulnerability of groundwater quality & quantity to climate change and urbanisation, and developing adaptation measures for cities
  • M-HUBS | Multi-use hubs for enhanced digital, physical and social connectivity
  • NEUBuild Alps | Towards a Carbon Neutral Alpine Building Stock
  • NOVALTITUDE | Alpine resorts, valleys and supporting regions demonstrate the effectiveness of an integrated framework of data-driven, multi-sectoral monitoring systems that share information for a greener Alps
  • NUVAR | Alpine Non-Urban Vehicle Access Regulations and Zero-Emission Tourism
  • PARSEC | Power & heAt and cooling for eneRgy SufficiEnt Communities in the Alps
  • RECENTRE | Support the green transformation of the Alpine manufacturing sector and the uptake of advanced technologies for the well-being of workers
  • REMOLO | Peri-Alpine non-metropolitan regions as testbed for REsilient spatial planning in MOuntain-LOwland transition areas
  • RE-PEAT-it! | Increase resilience and ecosystem services of peatlands in the Alps as an important part of a transnational green infrastructure (GI)
  • RES4AS | Renewable Energy Sources for rural communities in Alpine Space
  • RESPOnD | Climate resilient alpine wine orchards
  • River HEROES | Healthy rivers: from overexploitation to achieving connectivity of ecosystems
  • SOIL:OurInvisibleAlly | Facilitating implementation of EU soil legislation in Alpine municipalities, thus seizing transnational knowledge, mutual learning & concrete, cross-sectoral implementation on local level
  • TIGER | FosTering ehealth and social Innovations as Game-changers in sEnior and Remote care
  • TRANSFORM | TRansition ANd Strategies For alpine regiOns’ caRbon neutrality and optimal energy Mix
  • WATERWISE | Co-designing sustainable management solutions for resilient Alpine headwaters
  • Woolshed | A New Era for Alpine Wool

We are looking forward to receiving from the selected project proposals their application form for step 2 by 8 march 2024 at 13:00!