Alpine forests: key for resilience

Jan 4, 2023

Forest EcoValue is our second new classic project that deals with ecological connectivity in the Alps! The project works on the resilient effect of Alpine forests.

Alpine forests are key for resilience and provide multiple ecosystem services (provision of raw materials, CO2 absorption, natural hazard reduction, as well as recreational services). However, the consequences of abandonment, climate change and territorial degradation progressively lead to a decrease in the capacity to provide such ecosystem services. Forest maintenance costs are high and public funds and revenues generated by the traditional wood value chains are no longer sufficient. Forest EcoValue proposes sustainable business models for forest maintenance, based on regional circular, green and bio value chains. It will involve the public and private sectors, as well as citizens, to test market frameworks and payment schemes for forest ecosystem services, thus contributing to the creation of green businesses and job opportunities in the Alpine region and to restore healthy forests.