For the very first time: 5 small-scale projects approved in the Interreg Alpine Space Programme.

Jul 14, 2022

On 12 and 13 July, the Alpine Space Programme Committee met in Lyon and discussed intensively about the 63 applications of small-scale projects that were received by the first cut-off date in the period 2021-2027.

We are happy to announce that the Programme Committee approved for ERDF co-funding the following five projects:

  • Cool*Alps: The project aims to improve the climate change adaptability and energy security of settlements by implementing innovative Thermal Activated Buildings.
  • AlpSatellites: The project addresses the challenge of population decline and ageing, and the rural-urban divide by analyzing possibilities of remote working, seeking to attract young people, workers and digital nomads in remote areas.
  • Alps4GreenC: The project aims to set-the-scene for a transnational utilization of biomass residues through investigation of biomass conversion opportunities and the proposal of transnational biochar-based value chains.
  • I-SWAMP: The project aims to roll out a method for the conservation of small Alpine wetlands with an approach based on both science-based decision-making and responsibilization of local communities.
  • CERVINO: The project will facilitate the energy data exchange within the Alpine territory to support the decision-making process, by setting-up a stable & reliable system that will enable better collection, management, update and use of Alpine energy data.

All lead applicants who submitted a project proposal, will soon receive an official communication and an assessment report. Successful applicants will furthermore receive an information about the get started seminar taking place online on 26 July 2022.

The Interreg Alpine Space Programme thanks all applicants for the efforts in developing their project proposal!

We are excited about this very first approval of small-scale projects within the Interreg Alpine Space Programme and are looking forward to accompany the projects in the upcoming years.