How to cope with the effects of climate change on the tourism sector?

Dec 21, 2022

TranStat is our second new classic project that works on the transition of the tourism sector in the Alps! The project focuses on mountain resort stakeholders facing a common challenge: coping with the effects of climate change.

Today, mountain resort stakeholders are faced with a common challenge: coping with the effects of climate change without having a robust reference framework for action. The TranStat project aims to facilitate the adoption of co-constructed transition processes in Mountain Resorts (MR), understood as ski resorts and their territory. Based on a participatory and inclusive approach, TranStat will aim at elaborating scenarios and co-constructed solutions able to respond to the challenges identified in the Mountain Resorts. The challenge is to promote new models of economic, social and environmental development in order to support a lively future in the Alpine mountain areas, with a view to sustainability. TranStat will address this overall issue through the creation of a physical and digital network of resorts in transition to share knowledge and experiences about the future.