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Sep 14, 2022

Then check out our new Alpine master class series!

Within the next few months, we will highlight some of the successful projects co-financed by the Interreg Alpine Space programme in 2014-2020. We asked experienced lead partners what made the success of their Alpine Space projects. We hope that their testimonials can help future applicants in developing their own projects!

Kicking off today is PlurAlps, a project that fostered pluralism in the Alps following the migration crisis of 2015. The pilot regions demonstrated how integration can succeed with the help of municipalities, companies and civil society. These experiences can now inspire others while giving insights into how to set up successful and sustainable integration projects.

We asked Peter Steurer, the lead partner of PlurAlps, what made the success of the project: „Policy support during the preparation phase of a project and in the implementation phase of a project helps you a lot for a more successful project.” He pointed out that policy support makes it easier „to communicate the topic because you already have a certain amount of acceptance for the topic and then you have more stakeholders who are going to communicate the topic to support you in your actions. And that makes a project more successful in implementation.”

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