Programme reflection workshop in Stuttgart

May 24, 2023

On 23-24 May, we organised two workshops in Stuttgart to reflect on the Alpine Space Programme funding opportunities and synergies with EUSALP at a strategic level.

The first workshop with the Programme Committee focused on refining the definition and concept of small-scale projects. In the afternoon, discussions focused on classical and small-scale projects, priority 4 “Governance” and EUSALP.

The second workshop involved EUSALP representatives from the Technical Support Structure (TSS) and Action Groups to improve the relationship between the programme and the EU strategy for the Alpine Region.

The outcomes of the meeting will help us to tailor our next calls for proposals, both for classic and small-scale projects.

Thanks to our Programme Committee, National Contact Points and EUSALP representatives for their valuable input, and to the experts for guiding us through the reflection process!