This week is all about risk prevention & disaster resilience!

Dec 12, 2022

Three of our new classic projects, ADAPTNOW, MOSAIC and X-RISK-CC, are focusing on the prevention and management of climate-related disasters. ADAPTNOW works in particular on climate adaption in the Alps.

In the future, recurring disasters related to climate change will affect nature and humans in the Alpine region even more severely and unpredictably than today. In order to be able to cope with unpredictable climate events, ADAPTNOW works on strengthening the adaptive capacity of Highly Affected and Exposed Territories (HEAT). To this end, the project partners implement and evaluate the available tools and practices for climate adaption and risk mitigation. By bringing together different local stakeholders, such as regional sectoral agencies and research centres, ADAPTNOW aims to make risk and adaption planning more integrated, collaborative and inclusive.