This week’s topic is the transition of the tourism sector!

Dec 20, 2022

Our two new classic projects BeyondSnow and TranStat deal with the consequences of climate change on the tourism sector in the Alps. BeyondSnow focuses in particular on small medium-altitude snow tourism destinations in the Alpine area.

Due to climate change, snow coverage in the Alps is very likely to continue decreasing in the future. In addition to the ecological impacts, especially small medium-altitude snow tourism destinations (STDs) and their communities must also consider the socio-economic consequences of the diminishment of snow coverage. The project BeyondSnow aims to increase the socio-ecological climate resilience of STDs to enable them to retain or even increase their attractiveness for residents and tourists. During the project new sustainable development paths, transition processes, and implementable solutions will be conjointly devised within specific pilot working areas (PWAs), spatially distributed across six Alpine countries, differing in size, development level and criticalities. Thanks to trainings and awareness-raising activities, citizens and decision-makers at the different technical and political levels will be involved in this process. Furthermore, the project partners will develop an innovative and easy to use Resilience Decision-Making Digital Tool, which will be made freely available and publicly accessible throughout the Alpine community.