1st GI-Day in Burgenland (Austria)

Dec 4, 2023

November 27th, 2023 –> 35 enthusiastic students from MS Kohfidisch, a group of accompanying persons, as well as 3 community workers and volunteers together to plant trees and shrubs.

In Kohfidisch various types of hedges were planted as part of the FRACTAL GI Day.

About 110 trees and bushes were planted. Some of the trees were planted near the school, which are called a “phenomenon hedge” and a “sweet hedge”, which the children from VS, MS and the Kohfidisch kindergarten plan to use regularly in the future.

This means, they will all benefit from the GI Day long term, even if they were not all able to take part in the planting campaign as originally planned. For interested citizens, there was a lecture on the subject of native trees in the afternoon.

For the hard-working children, there was a well-deserved, hot tea to keep warm, water, grape juice and cake.

Acting for the future of the Alps!