Adapting Alpine Ski Tourism: Navigating Climate Change Challenges and Embracing Sustainable Solutions in Kranjska Gora and Zreče

Nov 22, 2023

Utilizing a combination of social network analysis and stakeholder identification, workshops have been structured to encourage active engagement among representatives from local authorities, environmental organizations, tourism entities, ski resort operators, and various businesses. The focus is on addressing challenges and opportunities in transitioning ski resorts towards sustainability.

The initial workshops concentrate on determining the factors of change, encouraging a thorough diagnosis of the prevalent issues and challenges in the respective areas. The workshops facilitate an exchange of knowledge, embracing a bottom-up and top-down approach, enriching discussions with diverse perspectives and local insights.

Subsequent workshops will concentrate on developing scenarios for the desired future and exploring transition actions. They will serve as platforms for sharing expertise, fostering collaboration, and addressing the transformation of ski resorts. Insights and recommendations generated from these workshops play a crucial role in shaping policies at multiple levels, aiding local authorities in aligning their strategies with sustainability objectives.

The analysis of qualitative and quantitative data at the Kranjska Gora and Rogla Ski Resorts in cooperation with ZRC SAZU were instrumental in generating SWOT analyses, which will be further developed during the workshops. The collaborative efforts and insights from these workshops are essential for informing decision-making and policy formation at local, regional, national, and international levels, aiding in the sustainable transition of mountain resorts.