Alpine Nations Push for Biochar Policy Reforms

Mar 13, 2024

Italy, Slovenia, and Austria are leading a push for biochar adoption, with signed letters advocating regulatory changes. Objectives include clear rules for production, certification, and use, aiming to accelerate carbon neutrality goals.

The initiative also seeks support for research grants to drive innovation, along with public awareness campaigns. Financial incentives for businesses and biochar use will be developed, focusing on carbon sequestration.

Agricultural integration is crucial, promoting biochar use in soil improvement policies and educating farmers. Cross-border collaboration is prioritized for joint efforts and policy alignment.

Italy, Slovenia, and Austria are committed to harnessing biochar’s potential for a greener future through policy reforms and collaboration.

Find below links to signed LOIs for our initiative, we’ve already collected.

LOI Sonnenerde

Pismo podpore_Alps4GreenC_RRA PM_podpisano

LOI_draft Alps4GC_fin SiDG_biooglje_26.02.2024.signed

LOIdraft Alps4GC_fin IHPS_BC

LOI_draft Alps4GC_fin DEM


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