CEFoodCycle at Bioeconomy Summit Austria 2023

Dec 20, 2023

Researchers from FH Salzburg (Reinhard Portenkirchner and Lena Tarmann) had the unique opportunity to participate as exhibitors in this year’s Bioeconomy Summit Austria 2023 and showcase our project CEFoodCycle. The event not only allowed us to present our research to a broad audience but also provided a platform for engaging with experts in the field of bioeconomy.

The poster session served as a vibrant hub of ideas and innovation, featuring 25 research projects and 12 support actions centered around circular bioeconomy. Our project, CEFoodCycle, garnered significant interest, attracting numerous curious visitors. We had the chance to connect with fellow researchers, share ideas, and establish valuable contacts that will contribute to the advancement of our work. In addition to the poster session, we had the opportunity to attend three inspiring presentations that provided insights, impulses, and analyses on bioeconomy. These presentations not only offered in-depth knowledge but also sparked contemplation on the future development of research in circular bioeconomy.