Circular Economy: Mapping Food Streams and Identifying Potentials to Close the Food Cycle
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To tackle food waste, for instance in the hospitality sector, there is a great potential for resource related to food overproduction or packaging. The overall objective is the implementation of Circular Economy Hubs in the food sector in five alpine pilot regions to identify potentials for food waste and CO2 reduction. The involved actors benefit from know-how transfer, networking as well as the use of a digital, intelligent decision support system based on Life-Cycle-Assessment indicators. The activities are aimed at directly and indirectly involved stakeholders in food cycles such as manufacturing companies, trading companies, the hotel industry, but also energy providers. The project will enable different stakeholders to take into account resource and CO2 savings and strengthen sustainable and circular economic competitiveness in the Alps.


  • 2021 – 2027
  • Carbon neutral and resource sensitive Alpine region
  • SO 2.2 - Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy
    • AG6 Natural resources
  • 11/2022
  • 10/2025
  • 2.386.438 EUR
  • 1.789.828 EUR


Apply for the CEFoodCycle Award

  • 5 countries - 5 winners
  • Prize: funding for professional video shooting, project promotion in the Alpine Region, best practice booklet
  • Who can apply? Companies, start-ups, students and associations from the Alpine region
  • How to apply? Submissions are open until Sunday, 31st of March 2024. Please use our online submission form.
    Alternatively, complete the PDF submission form and send it to circulareconomyfood@gmail.com by. Certificates or documents can be attached.
  • Award Ceremony: The award ceremony will take place on 21st of May 2024 in Brixen (IT). Of course, travel and accomodation costs will be covered.



University of Applied Science Salzburg (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Austria
  • Salzburg (AT32)
  • Puch bei Hallein
Austrian Institute of Ecology
  • Austria
  • Wien (AT13)
  • Vienna
E-institute, institute for comprehensive development solutions
  • Slovenia
  • Vzhodna Slovenija (SI03)
  • Ptuj
Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • France
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FRL0)
  • Nice
BSC, Business support organisation, ltd., Kranj
  • Slovenia
  • Zahodna Slovenija (SI04)
  • Kranj
Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories
  • France
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FRL0)
  • Marseille Cedex 02
LAMORO Development Agency
  • Italy
  • Piemonte (ITC1)
  • ASTI
IDM Südtirol Alto Adige
  • Italy
  • Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen (ITH1)
  • Bolzano
University of Applied Sciences Munich
  • Germany
  • Oberbayern (DE21)
  • München
Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria
  • Germany
  • Schwaben (DE27)
  • Augsburg
  • 47.72412113.086338
  • 48.200280816.3453075
  • 46.41779384999999515.874825928236131
  • 43.704157.275177637275622
  • 46.246576514.3644724
  • 43.30567315.444226820336164
  • 44.90223978.2071723
  • 46.497845311.3534085
  • 48.1535903511.553143192240475
  • 48.4005549510.933246443146322


  • Alpine-wide methodology of LCA indicators in defined food streams

    Consolidation of already existing LCAs to track ecological and C02 implications of food production, distribution and waste, leading to the development of a comprehensive and replicable LCA methodology to assess food streams in defined food product categories. Regional specifics are considered, stakeholders inside and outside the respective food streams identified in order to close food cycles. Provides the baseline for AS common methodology implementation for piloting closed food cycles.

  • Establishment of Circular Food Hubs

    This output is devoted to exploiting the project results/ achievements. Exploitation plan is produced in the first year and is constantly updated during the course of the project to ensure that the results of the project and the relevant associated initiatives are successfully conveyed to the appropriate stakeholders, to the public and international community. A main focus is also laid on the appropriateness of information for local users (language, accessibility, pre-information).

  • User-friendly Intelligent Digital LCA Service System (IDLCASS)

    IDLCASS is an AI-powered platform that evaluates and measures food resource impact on CO2 emission throughout food streams based on existing and newly collected data. Data analytics in food waste and re-use potential help moving towards closed food cycles and reap best decisions in terms of quality and reliability. IDLCASS is based on a secure software to protect IP and user data. Integration of tool chains supports CE-based decisionmaking by integrating stakeholders' own cost structures.

  • Pilots of smart, closed food cycles (CEFoodCycles)

    Participatory tools such as workshops or innovation labs that allow relevant stakeholders along the defined food stream (within selected product categories) to get to know each other; exchange relevant CE experiences and identify pressure points needed to develop new circular business solutions. Also, in-depth analysis of their business models will allow to identify (digital) information points needed to develop LCA standards and digital operating system.

  • Policy Recommendations

    Promotion of the use of regional products and waste reduction through capitalization, awareness raising and networking for CE-based solutions and the role of digitization tested in CEFoodCycle pilots. Suggestion of policies for political framing approaches at regional and national levels, based on the results of project pilots, to contribute to a just transition towards circular economy for all stakeholders along the cross-regional food chain.

  • IDLCASS Network Established

    Participatory processes in each phase of the project favors sustainability of results and outputs beyond the end of the CEFoodCycle project. Stakeholders along the food value stream across countries / local communities are engaged in addressing circular economy and food waste management through a bottom-up approach. By disseminating CEFoodCycle experiences and sharing know-how / results with other regions, municipalities and communities help mutual learning among users and policy makers.



  • Comparability of Life Cycle Analysis Studies on Food Waste and Food Products. A Review on the current Status of Food Waste Life Cycle Analysis and the used Methodology.
  • All information on the CEFoodCycle Award (application possible until the end of March 2024) in English.
  • All information on the CEFoodCycle Award (application possible until the end of March 2024) in German.
  • Submission form (English version) for the CEFoodCycle Award (application possible until the end of March 2024).
  • Submission form (German version) for the CEFoodCycle Award (application possible until the end of March 2024).

Project calendar

21 May 2024
CEFoodCycle Award Ceremony
Project: CEFoodCycle
    04 Apr 2024
    Piedmont: Threats, challenges, opportunities and strengths of building a closed, circular food hub
    Project: CEFoodCycle
    14 Mar 2024
    Kick-Off CEFoodCycle & Cooking class
    Project: CEFoodCycle
    One-day workshop & cookery course including award ceremony
    11 Mar 2024
    Circular Food Hub: connecting the dots
    Project: CEFoodCycle
    09 - 10 Feb 2024
    Hackathon: THE POOL
    Project: CEFoodCycle
    join like-minded and interdisciplinary talents at hackathon and build an AI-based MVP to pitch
    05 Feb 2024
    Project: CEFoodCycle
    Agecotel is the biennial trade show for professionals in the catering and food service industries.
    19 Jan 2024
    Webinar, Circular economy and agri-food supply chain in Piedmont
    Project: CEFoodCycle
    Mentor companies explain how they were able to use food waste as a raw material

      Project news

      Kickoff Circular Food Hub South Tyrol

      The Circular Food Hub emerging in South Tyrol will be one of five pilot centers in the Alpine region

      Driving Change: LAMORO presenting the CEFoodCycle project at the EXPO in Alba


      Kickoff in Augsburg (Food Hub Salzburg-Bavaria)

      The kick-off event for the Salzburg-Bavaria Food Hub took place in Augsburg on March 14th 2024.

      Successful Third Partner Meeting in Nice

      The ongoing international research project CEFoodCycle is dedicated to fostering sustainable food practices. The recent third partner meeting (29.-30.01.2024) held in the picturesque city of Nice, France, showed first steps towards our mission of establishing closed food cycles.

      Submit now: CEFoodCycle Award

      The Interreg Alpine Space project CEFoodCycle honours companies, initiatives or individuals who are actively committed to reducing food waste and are planning or have already implemented innovative concepts for the circular economy. The deadline for submissions is the end of March.

      Circular Food Hubs up and running

      We are delighted that our five Circular Food Hubs are up and running. The Circular Food Hubs are rol

      CEFoodCycle‘s first Deliverable is finalized: Key insights into life cycle analysis methodology for food products and waste

      The published report offers a first understanding of the measurements of environmental impacts of food production, consumption and waste management.

      Success for the webinar on circular economy and agri-food supply chain in Piedmont

      Success for the webinar on 19.01.2024 on circular economy and agri-food supply chain organized by LAMORO Development agency in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo in the framework of the CEFoodCycle project, financed by the first call of the Alpine Space programme.

      AViTeM takes part in the 5th Meeting of the Regional Platform for Circular Economy (Région Sud, France)!

      On September 22, 2023, AViTeM took part in the 5th Annual Meeting of the PRECI Network alongside 170 participants at the Aix-en-Provence Arbois Europole.

      Slovenia's Bioeconomy Concept & CEFoodCycle project: A Symbiotic Approach Towards Circularity

      The recently published strategic concept paper for Bioeconomy in Slovenia serves as a vital piece in the puzzle of sustainable and circular development. Interestingly, these principles align harmoniously with the objectives of the CEFoodCycle project.

      Successful Workshop on Responsible Handling of Food Resources in Gorenjska: Exploring Paths to a Sustainable and Circular Future

      In December, the Slovenian partners of the CEFOOD CYCLE project had the opportunity to host the first workshop on food utilization in Gorenjska at Hotel Astoria in Bled. The event was highly successful, bringing together experts and participants to discuss crucial aspects and challenges related to

      CEFoodCycle at the "Circular Economy in Food Production" event

      The CEFoodCycle initiative recently took part in a major event on the circular economy in food production at the Biotech Campus Tulln, Austria.

      CEFoodCycle at the Progress Dialogue in Vienna

      In autumn 2023, the "Progress Dialogue" (Fortschrittsdialog) took place in Vienna at the invitation of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation & Technology.

      CEFoodCycle at the KISusCheck final event

      On 30 November, the final event of the KISusCheck project took place as a hybrid event at the IBM Watson Center Munich. Umweltcluster Bayern was there live as part of CEFoodCycle.

      CEFoodCycle at Bioeconomy Summit Austria 2023

      Researchers from FH Salzburg (Reinhard Portenkirchner and Lena Tarmann) had the unique opportunity to participate as exhibitors in this year’s Bioeconomy Summit Austria 2023 and showcase our project CEFoodCycle.

      Regional networking at GastroRegioTag 2023

      Regional, networked, successful: More than 80 stakeholders came together at the third GastroRegioTag on November 8 at the Natur- und Wohlfühlhotel Brunner Hof in Arnschwang. Anja Beckord and Stephanie Lizak from Umweltcluster Bayern presented the "CEFoodCycle" project at the speed dating session

      CEFoodCycle project launches the pilot activity in Piemonte Region

      LAMORO Development Agency, partner of the CEFoodCycle project, identified main actions to be impleme

      Food Stakeholder Meeting on 'Food By-Products'

      South Tyrol Organizations Advocate for Circular Economy in the Food Sector

      Insights from Austria - Food Waste Prevention & Food Banks

      The Austrian Institute of Ecology took part in the discussions, focusing on food waste prevention and collaborations among food value-chain actors during 'Die Tafel Österreich's 1st Zukunftsdialog'.

      Partner Meeting in Bled, Slovenia

      Exchange of the international partners

      Networking event at Salzburg University of Applied Science

      Circular Food Hub Bavaria / Austria meets Entrepreneurs

      Connecting to local stakeholders to boost change

      University of Applied Sciences Munich and Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria meet Circular Munich

      Exhibition Circular Food Hub in Salzburg @ Salzburger Wirtschaftsforum 2023

      Circular Food Hub Bavaria / Austria meets decision-makers from the business community

      Virtual workshop for Developing a Common LCA Methodology as regards to food products

      Developing a common LCA methodology for food products

      Kick-off meeting

      On 7th and 8th February 2023, a two-day kick-off for the project CEFoodCycle took place in Salzburg