Food Stakeholder Meeting on ‘Food By-Products’

Oct 23, 2023

Bolzano, September 28, 2023

A groundbreaking meeting recently took place in the presence of leading South Tyrol organizations, including the Laimburg Research Center, University of Bolzano, South Tyrolean Farmers’ Association, EURAC, HDS, Fraunhofer Italia, South Tyrol Entrepreneurs Association, LVH.APA, HGV, Economic Network Rete Economia. The meeting was organized by IDM South Tyrol in collaboration with NOI Techpark. The goal of the meeting was to promote networking and collaboration among local stakeholders in the field of circular economy, especially in the food sector. The main focus was on exchanging information about ongoing projects and future project ideas in the “Food By-Products” sector. Participants gained valuable insights into various approaches to better utilize food raw materials and identified duplications or synergies. This meeting has laid a solid foundation for future enhanced collaboration and demonstrated the need for the development of a Circular Food Hub. It was an important step towards working together in the future for a more efficient and sustainable use of resources in the food sector and consolidating expertise on one platform. The plan is to further intensify collaboration in the coming months and organize a kickoff event in January 2024 to realize the Circular Food Hub.