Exhibition Circular Food Hub in Salzburg @ Salzburger Wirtschaftsforum 2023

May 18, 2023

Best practices from companies that see food waste as a valuable resource were on display at the 2023 Salzburg Business Forum:

Circular products through food by-products? Dairy alternatives from seeds? Fruit spreads from food surpluses? Energy from whey? Fish and vegetables as a cycle? Textiles from agricultural waste? Cooperations with companies that pass on food surpluses?

Behind these questions are business models that help create new innovations from food leftovers or “waste” and close the loop in the food sector. Existing databases and platforms were also presented that are already working towards networking companies and transparency along the food value chain through digitalization and AI: Monetization of cycles in the food sector through AI was the central issue here.

We asked company representatives under what conditions Circular Food Hubs & AI could help the region. The answers were documented and great pictures emerged.

Thanks to a great team of the FH Salzburg and the Paris Lodron University Salzburg!