Coworking regulations in Italy, Austria and France

Jan 11, 2024

Drawing up guidelines for decision-makers to start up remote working and coworking activities in mountainous areas means being fully aware of the regulatory context within which they will operate and suggesting any necessary adjustments. This is the aim of deliverable 1.4.2, elaborated within the AlpSatellites project. It is dedicated to the legislative framework of remote working in Italy, France and Austria.This is what emerged from the analysis contained in the deliverable. 📊 Key insights: The initial resistance to remote work, stemming from a traditional managerial culture, has shifted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Italy, like other countries, witnessed an unprecedented experiment with remote working during the pandemic, prompting a reevaluation of its role post-emergency. 🔄 Paradigm shift: As we move beyond the state of emergency, the question arises: will remote work become the norm? The shift demands a paradigm change, necessitating organizational structures centered on projects and adaptable to various phases and cycles. ⚖️ Rights and protections: Challenges persist. Workers outside company premises must enjoy equal rights, but recognizing the unique circumstances of remote work is crucial. Protective measures, like the right to disconnect, are imperative to address the distinctive needs of remote workers. 🤝 Looking ahead: As we navigate this evolving landscape, the AlpSatellites project emphasizes the importance of fair treatment, non-discrimination, and tailored protections to ensure remote work’s sustainable and equitable integration into our work culture. 🔍 For more insights, check out the deliverable ⬇️