Empower decision makers with resilience indicators

Jun 21, 2023

The BeyondSnow project aims to revolutionize the measurement of tourism impact by developing a comprehensive system tailored specifically for snow tourism destinations, helping them address their unique challenges. To achieve this, a set of resilient indicators have been identified to assess the destination’s ability to withstand and recover from various stresses and shocks.

The project encompasses a range of indicators that provide valuable insights into the overall tourism industry. These indicators include tourism demand, which measures the level of visitor interest and activity in the destination. Additionally, tourism accommodations and tourism supply indicators help gauge the availability and quality of lodging options, as well as the variety of tourism services and activities offered.

In addition to these general indicators, the project places a strong emphasis on economic and social indicators to evaluate the benefits and impacts of tourism. Economic indicators assess the financial contributions of tourism, such as visitor spending, job creation, and revenue generation. Social indicators, on the other hand, focus on the effects of tourism on local communities, including their well-being and quality of life.

Building upon existing sustainable practices and ideas is a core aspect of the project. By implementing and testing these practices in real snow tourism environments, destinations can work towards ensuring their long-term viability. This is especially crucial for snow destinations, which heavily rely on tourism, particularly snow-based activities. The project aims to help these destinations develop sustainable and resilient tourism models.

One of the key goals of the project is to create a Resilience Adaptation Model, which will serve as the foundation for a Resilience Decision-Making Digital Tool. This tool will provide destinations with an easy way to measure their tourism impact and resilience, while also offering suggestions for improvements. It serves as the first steppingstone towards achieving sustainable and resilient tourism development in snow destinations.

Resilience Decision-Making Digital Tool will use the same technology that has enabled Tourism Impact Model (used in Interreg Danube and EMFF Black Sea projects) as well as Digital Readiness Index used in Tourbit (COSME project), Smart Destination Index used in EU flagship project Smart Tourism Destinations (DG Grow) amongst many other.

These projects are also dealing with digitalisation and sustainability in tourism. BeyondSnow project will combine the technical and indicator knowledge, upgrade it and apply it in a focused way for snow tourism destinations.

(from our Partner Arctur)