Forest EcoValue project partners meet in Ljubljana for their third Plenary Meeting

Dec 12, 2023

From October 17th to 19th 2023, Forest EcoValue project partners convened for their third Plenary Meeting in the stunning Slovenian landscape hosted by the Slovenian project partner, the Slovenia Forest Service based in Ljubljana. The partners engaged in insightful discussions, sharing valuable insights and strategies aimed at amplifying the value of ecosystem services provided by forests. A significant highlight was a day dedicated to a visit to the Slovenian Living Lab in Tržič Municipality.

This unique experience offered an up-close look at innovative and sustainable forest management practices, aligning with Forest EcoValue’s core mission. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, the Living Lab demonstrated cutting-edge approaches to close-to-nature forestry, seamlessly blending nature conservation with resource utilization.

As Forest EcoValue continues its journey, the lessons and inspiration drawn from the Slovenian Living Lab underscore the project’s commitment to advancing sustainable forestry practices.

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