Gamification and civic engagement tools for smart communities and rural areas HANDBOOK

May 18, 2023

The SmartCommUnity project partners are willing to develop a digital platform that meet the need of creating Smart communities that could exchange practice and engage towards smart village pathway, adopting innovative tools embracing the functions of both civic engagement tool and gamification approach. In order to attend this objective, the partners responsible for the Innovation Tools work package (ADRETS, SCCH, Poliedra, University of Ljubljana) for SmartCommUnity, with the collaboration of all the project partners, have been working on the state of the art of civic engagement initiatives currently in place. In particular, they analysed the reference targets of these initiatives and the functionalities they implement, relating them to an analysis of the literature and a review of the scientific articles present. The aim is to understand if this approach is suitable, relevant and if it is adding positive value to the purpose of engaging the smart community within the SmartCommUnity project and beyond, within the development and dissemination of the smart village approach. CONSULT THE HANDBOOK

The INTERREG Alpine Space SmartCommUnity project (2022-2025) aims to create a transnational community to change both the practices and perceptions of smart rural areas. In close cooperation with the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), the project partners will facilitate capacity building of rural areas, promote existing digital tools and solutions and develop innovative and interactive digital tools to foster the “smart transition” of Alpine areas, taking into account community and sustainability aspects.