Hands on in Switzerland: Development of Manuals for the Living Lab workshops

Dec 13, 2023

Authors: Jan Mosedale and Miriam Stuhlmüller (University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons)

How can ski resorts deal with change and transition toward a more sustainable tourism? As part of the TranStat project the Institute of Tourism and Leisure at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons is developing a set of workshops to:

generate a common understanding of change factors and driving forces,
develop a range of possible scenarios and
co-create a vision for a desirable future.
These workshops form the core element of TranStat. The goal is to gain insights about the local situation and experiences of stakeholders in the Living Labs. This helps us to create participatory transitions in the ski resorts, but also to develop and optimize methods for replicating this process.

The Swiss project partner University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons is contributing the facilitation script, the concept for conducting the workshops. In addition, the workshops include – and will give insights about – the following methods:

Methods for identifying relevant change factors from the perceptions of local stakeholders.
Methods for the creation of participatory scenarios and visions.
Methods to develop action plans and strategies based on these.
The three workshops are covering different topics and build on each other. In the first workshop “Identification of Driving Forces” the project partners met with actors of the Living Labs to understand external and internal change factors that might affect their futures. With these findings the groups are going to step into the two upcoming workshops, in which possible scenarios and the desirable futures are going to be developed.