Involving Italian Stakeholders: done!

Jan 3, 2023

A group of local stakeholders from the Cadore area (Veneto region, Italy) met in San Vito di Cadore on September 14th, 2022, at the Center for Alpine Environment Studies of the University of Padova.

Representatives from the TESAF department presented I-SWAMP and its activities.

A first part of the presentation focused on the definition of wetland, the importance of wetlands for biodiversity and societies, as well as the threats that these habitat are facing.

In the second part, all the activities of the project were presented, and direct requests of collaboration were made.

In the third and final part, there was an open mic session, to gather thoughts, suggestions and propositions from the public.

The meeting was attended by local administrators (from local municipalities, the Province of Belluno and Veneto Region, the G.A.L. Alto Bellunese), representatives of landowner’s associations (the Regole, a local form of Commons), representatives from the Dolomiti d’Ampezzo Regional Park, and from local NGOs (the WWF and other small groups of activists).