May 11th, Transumanza culturale / Register to our walk with the flock

May 2, 2024

📌 May 11th, Transumanza culturale / Cultural Transhumance 2024, Malonno (IT)

✏ Have you already signed up for the event dedicated to the ancient tradition of Alpine sheep transhumance organized by Regione Lombardia and the Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica for AlpTextyles? You can write your name down at this link.

🐑 On the day, you will have a chance for a firsthand experience of actual transhumance: walk the flock with local shepherds, learn about shearing, meet with weavers, and much more! We will be handing out a small diary for you to fill in and keep with you.

🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ How do you shear a sheep or turn a tuft of wool into a sweater? What jobs revolve around the wool supply chain? How many sheep breeds are local to the area? We hope to see you on May 11 and accompany you through these questions, unveiling the lesser-known stories of the Alpine textile heritage and circularity.

📌 Agenda
10:00 Malonno | Welcoming the shepherd with the flock
11:00 STAGE 1 Meeting with the shepherd and the shearer
12:30 Picnic lunch
13:30 Walking along the transhumance route
16:30 STAGE 2 Meeting with the spinners
19:30 Shared dinner
21:00 Sonico | Return journey under the stars

To register for the event, click here.

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