On the #WorldWetlandsDay2024 I-SWAMP celebrates the engagement of over 550 children in Italy!

Feb 2, 2024

Wetlands represent a precious and vital group of ecosystems for our planet, yet often overlooked. During #WorldWetlandsDay2024, celebrated worldwide, the importance of these areas for biodiversity and the well-being of our planet is highlighted. These environments, including swamps, wet meadows, marshes, peatlands, and small water bodies, play a crucial role in water conservation, climate change mitigation, and the protection of animal and plant species.


Today, I-SWAMP has drawn attention to wetlands by involving more than 550 children in Italy alone: 14 schools, 37 classes and over 40 of their teachers!

This project aims to raise awareness among the new generations about the importance of preserving these natural habitats. We made good use of our handbook “Wetlands – in nature with your boots”, now available in 5 languages: through educational and engaging activities, children had the opportunity to explore and better understand the wetland ecosystems, learning how they play a fundamental role in our daily lives.

Children’s participation is crucial to ensure the conservation of wetlands for the future. Educating young minds about the value of biodiversity and the importance of environmental conservation is essential to promote a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Thanks to I-SWAMP, these new generations are gaining awareness of the need to protect and preserve wetlands for years and generations to come.