Open Day Event at Innovationszentrum W.E.I.Z.: A Gateway to Innovation and Sustainability

May 24, 2024

The Innovationszentrum W.E.I.Z. recently held an Open Day event during the “Lange Nacht der Forschung,” providing a unique platform for the local public and stakeholders to engage with innovative projects and initiatives. This article highlights the key moments, activities, and outcomes of the event, showcasing its impact on the community.

Event Overview

The event began with welcoming remarks from the organizer, followed by a formal address by Bernadette Karner, setting an enthusiastic tone for the evening. Andrea Dornhofer then provided attendees with valuable insights into the ongoing projects and developments at Innovationszentrum W.E.I.Z., offering a comprehensive overview of the innovative work being undertaken.

A notable highlight was the presentation on completed actions at the company CRAISS, delivered by Stephan Pessl and the Management Board of CRAISS. This segment offered a deeper understanding of the tangible outcomes and achievements resulting from the collaborative efforts within the center.

DI Günther Maier delivered an enriching keynote presentation on “Renewable Resources and Novel Technologies,” offering expert insights into sustainable energy practices and cutting-edge technologies. His presentation was both informative and inspiring, motivating attendees to explore further actions for sustainability.

Activities and Engagement

The Open Day featured a presentation that detailed the ECOLE project and the progress of pilot actions, focusing on the implemented actions at CRAISS and the associated resource and monetary savings. An open discussion followed, with local experts and stakeholders from the Weiz-St. Ruprecht economic area answering questions about the EIP. Participants also had the opportunity to attend a site visit to the CRAISS company, where they observed the implemented actions firsthand.

Outcomes of the Open Day

The event yielded diverse and impactful outcomes. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the innovative ECOLE project and initiatives, along with broader insights into renewable resources and novel technologies. Through presentations and discussions, participants acquired valuable knowledge about the ongoing project, completed actions, and key developments within ECOLE in cooperation with CRAISS, enhancing their professional growth and expertise.

The event also facilitated connections among stakeholders from various sectors, leading to potential future partnerships and collaborative projects. Active participation in discussions and Q&A sessions provided valuable feedback and ensured the event was inclusive and responsive to community needs. The keynote presentation inspired attendees with innovative ideas and sustainable energy insights, motivating them towards further action. Additionally, the event may spur follow-up actions such as research collaborations, funding opportunities, policy advocacy, or community-led initiatives aimed at sustainability and innovation.

Feedback and Conclusion

Attendees provided positive feedback, highlighting the relevance and clarity of the presentations, the opportunity for engaging discussions, and the valuable networking opportunities. The seamless organization and smooth flow of the program were also commended. The keynote presentation was particularly praised for its depth of insights and inspiration.

In conclusion, the Open Day at Innovationszentrum W.E.I.Z. during the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” was a resounding success. It showcased the center’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, providing attendees with valuable insights and fostering meaningful interactions and collaborations. The event served as a catalyst for knowledge sharing, dialogue, and inspiration, contributing significantly to the advancement of innovation and sustainability within the local community and beyond.