Over 60 registered agronomists and foresters of Veneto attended the I-SWAMP webinar on small Alpine wetlands!

Apr 17, 2023

On April 11th, our staff held a webinar about small Alpine wetlands, offered to registered agronomists and foresters of Veneto Region. The webinar was part of a series hosted by the University of Padova TESAF Department and FODAF Veneto (the regional federation of the Veneto registers of agronomists and foresters) for the professional training of their members.

65 professionals attended the seminar, which covered insights on wetland ecology and conservation, with a focus on the Alpine region and the status of and threats to minor wetland habitats.

Techniques and guidelines for biodiversity monitoring (based on the protocols prepared by the I-SWAMP team) and restoration activities were discussed.

This is only a first (and  successful) event involving vital stakeholders in training about wetlands. All the partners will also organize a short course with biodiversity and conservation experts, dedicated to stakeholders. Stay in touch (or follow us on Facebook) to learn more!