Poliedra’s activities in SmartCommUnity

Nov 20, 2023

One of the ambitions of Consorzio Poliedra is to widen the base of institutions and entities cooperating and striving to make rural and mountain areas attractive, re-attractive, lively and lived for all generations.

To this end, Poliedra has been one of the leading forces behind SmartCommUnity, its conception and preparation, and has contributed to create the rationale of the project, its WPs and the structure with lighthouse and follower test areas. Poliedra curates the methodological framework of the project, has organised workshops to create a shared definition of what a smart community is, to organise the work of the regional stakeholder groups and to guarantee, together with the Lead Partner University of Ljubljana, effective links between the three WPs and the partners. Poliedra has presented and represented SmartCommUnity on several occasions in both Italian and international events: most namely, at EUSALP level, with the Italian members of mountain-related institutions (in the Alps and the Appennines), and within two main projects, Interreg Central Europe More than a Village and Montagna 4.0 Future Alps.

The overall ambition of Poliedra is to create effective change in mountain and rural areas by making full use of synergies between projects and initiatives, with the ultimate end to give mountain and rural community an actual voice in leading their own future.