The role of UNIMONT within the TranStat Project: the stakeholders coordination to make them leaders of the change.

Mar 26, 2024

Inside the TranStat Project, UNIMONT plays a dual role.

This University Center, located in Edolo, works as headquarter for communication and dissemination activities, but it has also the responsability for data analysis and for the involvement of the local popoulation and stakeholders within the two italians Living Labs: Maniva and Valmalenco.

The UNIMONT activity inside the two italian Living Labs (Maniva and Valmalenco) started during the spring of the year 2023 through a survey     of the two territories with the organisation of semi-structured interviews addressed to the local stakeholders which rapresented different categories (some of them were individual citizens, other ones were entrepeneurs and policy makers). Through the data analysis it was possible to define some inner dynamics and underline the strengths and the weaknesses of the territories from a local point of view.
Later, UNIMONT have defined the relationships between stakeholders and have detected others partners that could be involved during the workshops through a Social Network Analysis (SNA). At the same time UNIMONT launched the research and the elaboration of territorial data with aimed to describe opportunities and weaknesses of every TranStat region. These data concern both demographic and social-economic
Subsequently, UNIMONT have proposed a survey addressed to tourists and holiday homes owners in order to find needs requested from these groups.
On november 2023, through the involvement of the local popoulation during the coplanning meetings, UNIMONT and Regione Lombardia began the defintion of the future strategy of local developement. The workshops involved about 30 people from each regional partner: institutional representatives, associations, entrepeneurs and citizens.

The analysis of the collected data about the changing drivers shared by the ski areas of the ten Living Labs, has revealed four key factors that nowadays have an important effect on the Maniva and Chiesa in Valmalenco Living Labs:
1.Change in snowfall, temperatures and water availability;
2.Grow demand of high quality services and products, genuine and differentiated;
3.Increase gap between tourist services and local popoulation services;
4.Decrease or lack of workforce, both in quantity and quality of the offer.
Starting from these items, the local stakeholders involved began to elaborate possible solutions which could permit to face problems and to ensure an attractive territory.

The first workshop’s results will be elaborated and integrated with the data analysis and with the survey analysis released to the tourists, citizens and holiday homes owners during the winter season 2023-2024. The results will guide the activities planned in may during the Living Labs in Maniva and Chiesa in Valmalenco, where the participants will debate on the future scenarios according to the the quality and quantity territorial data.

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