ReGreen Festival in Slovenia

Jun 3, 2024

The ReGreen Festival was also held in Slovenia.

From May 24 to 26, as part of the wonderful Wild Flower Festival, the Slovenian ReGreen Festival took place.

Technical conferences and activities for citizens, as well as art and photography exhibitions, were organized to highlight the role of green infrastructure in preserving the biodiversity and health of Slovenian Alpine ecosystems.

The core of the ReGreen Festival was an interesting conference on the 24th of May where stakeholders from the agricultural, tourism and nature conservation sectors brought their proposals to tackle sustainable management of the protected alpine area TNP.
The focus was mostly on matching agricultural needs and challenges with the conservation of extensive meadows, all this considering the growing tourism in the region.



On May 25th, along with the official opening of the Wild Flowers festival, there were many artistic events and some interesting workshops organised at a farm in Gorelje, close to the Bohjnj Lake. On the way to Gorelje, we enjoyed a beautiful scenery with many extensive meadows in bloom, that are still left unmown to let the plant produce their fruits. This has a positive impact on milk production, as the quality of cottage cheese, butter and cream is higher thanks to such nutritional plants!
Thanks to the Triglav National Park for organizing this amazing event!