Second Webinar of the Observers

Dec 21, 2023

Since the 1st Introductory Webinar in March, TranStat’s work is progressing and its teams are now at the core of the project with the set-up of our working groups in the LLs, the identification of the factors of change in each of our territories, the territorial analyses scientifically developed and publicly discussed.

In order to present the work in progress and to handle the initial outcomes of the project, TranStat organized a 2nd Observers’ Webinar: how do you trigger change ?, which took place on December 11 online from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. The webinar made participants be actif, being involved in a collaborative session in which they explored and put into practice the complex nature of the driving forces and of their related main effects in their social and professional contexts as well as in their areas of influence. Divided into groups, the participants created cause-effect trees and identified common and salient factors that have an impact on their territories. The elaborated output of this activity will be published in due time.

Here is the link: