Shaping Surselva’s future: a closer look at regional tourism strategies

Sep 13, 2023

How do we want to live and work in Surselva in the future? How can the region become more attractive for locals, second homeowners and tourists?

To address these vital questions, The Regiun Surselva introduced the forward-thinking regional strategy, avegnirSURSELVA, in 2022. Informed by active participation, this strategy lays the foundation for transforming the Surselva into a year-round tourism region deeply integrated into the local way of life.

Here are the key principles at the heart of this vision:

Leveraging Regional Diversity: Embracing the diversity of tourism profiles within the region to complement and mutually enhance each other’s development.
Enhancing Value Creation: Developing regionally coordinated products and offerings to foster sustainable year-round tourism.
Highlighting Recreational Appeal: Collaborating to shape a holistic leisure environment within the region.
But how can these regional tourism strategies be translated to the local level? What forces will steer tourism in the future? How can destinations adapt? And what kind of future do stakeholders want to see happening?

The TranStat Project helps destinations to determine these aspects while in the case of the Surselva Region will also bridge the gap between regional strategies and local realities.