Study Visit on Long-Distance Transportation in Augsburg, Germany

Apr 12, 2023

On 17th and 18th April, representatives of the project partners of the H2Ma project, project observers and relevant stakeholders gathered for a study visit in the city of Augsburg in Germany.

The two-day study visit was organized by the project partner ITALCAM together with the organization Hydrogen Center Bavaria H2.B. The purpose of the study visit was to learn about the specifications and planning requirements for the creation of commercial and urban H2 green mobility routes for long-distance transport.

On the first day, participants got the opportunity to learn more about the Hydrogen Center Bavaria H2.B, which is the central strategy and coordination office of the Free State of Bavaria for hydrogen and acts at the interface of business, science and politics in the national and international context.

Next day participants started early with the bus transfer to company Quantron AG, which specialises in the electrification of commercial vehicles, using batteries for energy storage. Since 2020 they offer the 44-tonne Energon truck with a fuel cell that runs on hydrogen. The company is funded by the Free State of Bavaria.

Next on the agenda was presentation from Green Hydrogen Technology GmbH, who developed a new way of producing green hydrogen, which allows industrial, utility and municipal companies to produce it on an industrial scale. The technology uses sewage sludge, plastic and wood waste as feedstocks.

For the last part of the study visit participants visited the University of Augsburg, where they met with the Research group of H2.UniA, which is an interdisciplinary network of chairs and working groups within the University of Augsburg.



Stay tuned for a follow up on lessons learnt and the experience we had on our study visit in Augsburg, Germany.