Textile communities gather in Poschiavo / Part 1

Sep 1, 2023

We’re meeting with Alpine textile communities to start new intertwinings for a more circular industry.

#AlpTextyles has been mapping the history and current state of the textile field in the Alpine regions, helping generate knowledge about their rich textile heritage and highlighting problematic practices and perceptions.

Preparations are in motion at our Lead Partner, Polo Poschiavo, to connect with five communities that treasure this heritage: Valposchiavo (CH), Valcamonica (IT), ValMustair (CH), Montafon (AU), and Skofja Loka (SL). The meeting will enable our team to gain firsthand insights into the issues these communities are confronting and to facilitate the co-creation of solutions through pilot actions – all based on the living cultural heritage of Alpine textile tradition.

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Participating AlpTextyles Partners
Polo Poschiavo
ZRC SAZU – Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
emlyon business school
Razvojna agencija Sora
Regione Lombardia
Stand Montafon