The Alpine Energy Data Platform – CERVINO

Dec 23, 2022

The challenges in the Alpine region to become climate-neutral are huge. And, in a way, this goal seems like a huge mountain hike. Using this metaphor of a expedition, helps to explain the relevance of the project CERVINO.

When hiking up a mountain, it is a core competence to be able to navigate in order to find the right path to the peak. Navigation always starts at the most crucial question: “Where are we?”.

So if the peak is climate-neutrality and resilience, it is essential to continuously do an inventory check to find out where we are in relation to the desired objective. What is the share of renewable energy in relation to energy consumption in the Alpine Space and its regions? Are we on the right track with increasing renewable energy at local level? What are the differences in various regions of the Alpine Space and how can we learn from each other?

Meet some colleagues of our consortium in the video that we shot at our first in person meeting in Bolzano on November 24th 2022.