The CERVINO alpine energy data platform on the home stretch – news from the project meeting in Genova

Sep 28, 2023

The goal is clear: The Alpine region has to become climate-neutral! But how large is the share of renewable energies in the individual regions already? And how is the energy transition progressing? Making the energy transition in the Alps measurable and providing data for planning and implementing energy projects is the task of the CERVINO project. With the help of the new CERVINO online platform, the project is currently collecting energy data from the Alpine region, which users can then access in visualized form.

The extent to which the energy data platform for the Alps has already been filled and when the regions will be able to access energy data online were topics discussed at the project meeting in Genoa on September 19 and 20, 2023.

The survey platform is now almost completely filled, as Valentina D’Alonzo from project partner Eurac Research reported. And that’s a good thing, because all content should be available by the end of September. On the one hand, to optimize the tool for its long-term use. Because also after the end of the project, stakeholders should be able to reliably call up current energy data from the Alpine region. The basis for the optimization is a short survey among the actors, which Živa Vovk from project partner KSSENA presented at the meeting. Those who have already entered data into the online platform can then, for example, state how user-friendly the platform already is, which regional energy indicators should be included or how easy it was to understand the tool’s content.

In addition, the energy data will of course be visualized so that users can easily understand the situations in their own regions, but also in comparison to other Alpine regions. At the project meeting, experts from Eurac Research, which supplies the data, and AURA-EE, which realizes the visual display, exchanged views on the necessary interfaces. As AURA-EE’s Matthieu Denoux presented at the meeting, it should be possible from the end of the year for users to display the energy data both on a map for each region and on a dashboard to show various topics such as energy production or consumption, thus providing a quick overview of the energy transition in the regions. At the meeting, Matthieu Denoux also announced a short video that will inform users what they can read from the platform and where its added value lies.

Who the people behind the energy data survey, the data visualization and the questionnaire to the regions are, can also be seen shortly. Project partner Energiewende Oberland used the meeting in Genova, among other things, to ask the partners in brief video interviews about their developments: Stefan Drexlmeier (EWO) gives information about the benefit of energy data for decision makers in the Alpine region. Francesca Verardo (IRE) explains what Cervino has achieved within a short amount of time. Valentina D’Alonzo (Eurac Research) reports on the development of the Energy Data Survey. Živa Vovk (KSSENA) shares what the feedback from the regions has been so far. And Matthieu Denoux (AURA-EE) explains how he makes energy data visible. To be seen here soon!

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