May 11th, Transumanza culturale / A special event to rediscover the path of wool

Apr 18, 2024

📆 Excited to announce the upcoming Transumanza culturale / Cultural trasnshumance 2024 event in Malonno (BS), Italy on May 11th!

⛰ As part of the collaboration between Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica and our Project Partner Regione Lombardia, AlpTextyles is bringing together the pastoral world and our community for a day-long journey.

🐑 Join us as we walk with a flock from morning till dusk along the shepherd’s path, delving into encounters and stories that weave through the heart of Valle Camonica, narrating the wool supply chain.

🐏 Transumanza Culturale 2024 has been conceived as a grassroots event involving all the stakeholders that contribute to the sustainability of the wool supply chain — from shepherds to local associations that have reactivated traditional artisanal skills and restored value to wool, innovating products and highlighting their sustainability and circularity to consumers.

❗The event will bring attention back to the public and local and supra-local governance of the theme of wool, its washing, its transformation along an ethical and circular supply chain, and to aggregate good practices for the recovery of Alpine sheep species, wool processing, valorization of women labor, and recognition of artisanal textile products.

Key details
Date: Saturday, May 11th, 2024
Time: from 10:00
Where: Malonno (BS), Italy

📌 Agenda
10:00 Malonno | Welcoming the shepherd with the flock
11:00 STAGE 1 Meeting with the shepherd and the shearer
12:30 Picnic lunch
13:30 Walking along the transhumance route
16:30 STAGE 2 Meeting with the spinners
19:30 Shared dinner
21:00 Sonico | Return journey under the stars

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