Varied angles: I-SWAMP involves the oldest photography school in Italy to find new ways of communicating the beauty and frailty of Alpine wetlands

Jul 26, 2023

As part of a multi-year collaboration with the CFP Bauer school in Milan, the oldest photography school in Italy, I-SWAMP lead partner TESAF department of the University of Padova organised two seminars about Alpine wetlands and two group visits to wetlands on field for CFP Bauer’s final-year photography students on June 12th and 19th. Among the about 40 students participating t the two sessions, some then dedicated themselves to photographic projects on the wetlands of the area and their biodiversity, even coming on the field with us. The photos will be collected in a volume and a photographic exhibition will be organized, both presenting the various topics covered by the students in the multi-year project Anatomia di un territorio (“anatomy of a land”), in collaboration with and with Dolomiti Contemporanee . The idea is to find different points of view to tell the beauty and problems of wetlands and biodiversity, and to contact a group of stakeholders (the artists), that is usually neglected by scientific dissemination, but that obviously has the ability of finding new ways of talking about social, cultural and environmental issues.

One of the problems of environmental communication is precisely the gap in the physical distance of places, the difficulty in perceiving a problem as close and urgent. Photography is a powerful medium that allows you to overcome these limits and reach the public, raising awareness and creating strong engagement.