What came out of the autumn workshops?

Nov 2, 2023

The AlpSatellites project, dedicated to uncovering the potential of remote work in alpine and rural areas, continues to progress. After completing a phase of extensive quantitative research with stakeholders, the findings have shed light on the dynamic realm of remote work and the ideal co-working environments. Following this, the project has shifted its focus to crafting solutions for advancing remote work in rural mountain regions. In July, an insightful workshop was hosted by Austrian partners, featuring the active participation of young individuals who’ve been part of this journey from the outset. The workshop explored successful community spaces, co-working initiatives, and more, yielding valuable insights. One resounding theme was the rising demand for services and activities within municipalities, underlining the importance of flexibility and freedom. This enthusiasm for independently accessible services has made the workshop a hub of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. On September 22nd, elected representatives and socio-professionals from the Grand Briançonnais region gathered in l’Argentière-la-Bessée for a pivotal meeting. This marked a vital moment to review the project’s progress and contribute to the development of remote work in rural mountain areas. This third project phase enabled participants to propose numerous solutions, addressing mobility, local service access, housing, reception policies, and the creation of teleworking-friendly job opportunities. To delve deeper into the project’s feasibility and solutions, an Italian partner organized a workshop on October 30th. The workshop unveiled existing locations in the Unité des Communes valdôtaines Evançon area that could be transformed into co-working spaces, pending necessary funding. Key takeaways include the importance of flexible booking options and the potential inclusion of additional services, such as digital support or childcare services. The success of these spaces relies on their target audience, with affordability for young individuals and potentially higher pricing for professionals seeking well-equipped offices. To learn more about this topic and project developments, read the newsletter here