X-RISK-CC Project: The Latest Updates and Insights

Oct 27, 2023

In a world where the climate’s unpredictability keeps us on our toes, facing the intricate web of challenges posed by extreme weather events becomes a shared endeavor. The X-RISK-CC project, in collaboration with 10 partners from six Alpine Space countries, is leading the way in empowering risk managers and policymakers to confront the multifaceted risks of severe weather in the era of climate change.

On October 12th and 13th, the second partner meeting of the X-RISK-CC project unfolded in Munich.

Curious about the latest developments within the X-RISK-CC project? We’re excited to keep you informed.

Assessing Extreme Weather Trends and Occurrence Probability
In the first phase of the project, X-RISK-CC dived headfirst into understanding extreme weather events. Through data gathered in each pilot area, we initiated a robust assessment of the likelihood of these meteorological extremes. Our focus included the analysis of the Vaia storm in Trentino South Tyrol, a key weather event.

We also dedicated ourselves to examining past and current trends of climate drivers that impact the region. Of particular interest was the study of intense precipitation in Gorenjska Region . We expanded these assessments across the entire Alpine Space by evaluating downscaling methods. These methods help improve the spatial accuracy of climate projections, which is essential for accurate planning and preparedness.

Understanding Hazards, Vulnerability, and Exposure

In Work Package 2, we collected data related to hazards, vulnerability, and exposure in our pilot areas. This information forms the foundation for assessing risks associated with extreme events. Our approach combines quantitative aspects, such as a modular scheme for compound and cascading hazards, with qualitative methods that focus on sequential impact chains.
To further broaden our impact analysis across the Alpine Space, we developed a data-driven scheme. This scheme helps model and predict the likelihood of impacts associated with weather conditions, climate drivers, and other environmental factors.

Rapid Risk Management Appraisal and Collaboration

The X-RISK-CC project partners successfully completed a rapid risk management appraisal approach within Work Package 3. This approach will guide workshops in each pilot area, where local experts and decision-makers will analyse the strengths and limitations of risk practices during targeted extreme events. The recent partner meeting in Munich played a crucial role in strengthening the connection between the scientific analyses of Work Packages 1 and 2 and the needs of practitioners in Work Package 3. Together, we laid the groundwork for the risk assessment manual and pilot action plans.