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29 Sep 2022 09:00 - 29 Sep 2022 15:15
We are building the Circular4.0 community in the Alpine region! In the heart of the Julian Alps at Lake Bled in SLOVEnia, a Circular4.0 final conference will be organized on Thursday, 29th September in parallel to the global World Future Verse conference. We will discuss about digital technologies as enabler to foster the transition to the circular economy by the SMEs in the Alpine Space Area. Why is the transition to the circular economy a must? Can advanced green and digital technologies such as blockchain, VR /AR, NFTs and others accelerate the transition to the circular economy, and how? Are "product-as-a-service" business models the right answer to shift from the "take-make-dispose" paradigm to "make-recycle/reuse" business models to close the production loop? How can advanced green materials replace the need for scarce raw materials in the Alps? Do we have the right tools and instruments and the necessary resources to help companies adopt the circular economy and the Future Verse? Who is orchestrating the changes? What actions are being taken in the different countries of the EU Alpine Space and at the level of the European Union? How are businesses and consumers adapting to environmental issues and scarcity of raw materials? We invite small and medium sized companies (SMEs), enterprises, leaders, learners, networkers, frontrunners, researchers, experts, activists, public actors at the national, regional and local level, intermediaries, business support organisations, sectoral agencies, technology parks, clusters, financial investors, solution providers, problem solvers, concerned employees and all other curious people to provide answers to some of the intriguing questions to be answered during the Circular4.0 conference, which will address the contribution of SMEs to mitigate environmental issues in the Alps. We need all of you to ask questions, provide answers and share knowledge, ideas, experiments, solutions, technologies, tools, instruments, scale-up practices, policies, and funding instruments to foster SMEs' engagement and accelerate the transition to the circular economy in the Alpine Space and other European macro-regions. We need those who care about the Alpine environment, nature, sustainable/green and digital future. We need help in creating a new Alpine Circular Economy 4.0 community to share information and exchange views on what kind of systemic changes are needed to create greener and smarter jobs in the Alpine region, increase the value of products, producer & user responsibility and address environmental issues, technological changes, and new business models in the Alpine region to which SMEs and industry can contribute greatly. Connect. Engage. Participate. Act. Dare to share! Join the new alpine Circular 4.0 community at the beautiful Lake Bled or online and help Alpine SMEs and industries accelerate the transition to a circular economy through the digitalisation.


The registration to the final conference is required and it is opened till Monday, 26.9.2022


The Circular4.0 final conference will be in English, and it is free of charge. The logistic information how to reach the venue is available here.

Location: Bled Congress Centre, Hall Island (B+C+D) Welcome!

If you are an SME or organisation with a success case (pilot, service, product, innovative solution, project etc.) of the circular & digital transformation you can disseminate this information (roll up, poster, brochure etc.) at the Circular4.0 final conference free of charge. The Circular4.0 project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space program.The conference is organized by Technology park Ljubljana.

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