Do you want to know what we do for Europe?

May 9, 2023

Europe Day is upon us!

Let’s discover the achievements of the Interreg Alpine Space project AlpLinkBioEco.

The Alpine Region is recognized as having huge potentials for the development of bioeconomy value chains. But what sounds fancy on paper, often turns out to be complex in practice.

To tap into this competitiveness potential, AlpLinkBioEco analysed and developed four value chains in the wood, agriculture, food/pharma and chemistry sectors.

With its Value Chain Generator software (VCG), AlpLinkBioEco contributes to the development of a cross-regional and circular bio-based economic strategy. How does it work?

  • The database contains information about bio-based businesses in the Alpine region (activities, inputs/outputs, biolinks).
  • Users can create and edit value chains in the form of graphs…
  • …and search for new or alternative businesses to extend their value chain!

AlpLinkBioEco is also one of the two projects that inspired one of our newly approved project: INNOBIOVC.

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